Jul 2023

Building the firefighting force of the future

In this exclusive interview, learn how newly appointed Chief, Airport Emergency Service Puar Teck Jin is developing future-ready airport firefighters. 

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Jun 2023

The Certis guardian road angels of Changi

The worst thing that can happen to any traveller is to be late for a flight caused by traffic delays. How does Changi manage to keep the road arteries around Changi Airport clear and traffic smooth? 

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May 2023

Ever wondered who checks the quality of your inflight meals?

Do you know that quality checks are done on inflight meals, before it reaches you onboard the plane? Learn more about the care taken to ensure that your inflight meal is safe for consumption.

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Nov 2022

The team that creates festive magic at Changi every year-end

What does it take to put Changi’s signature year-end event, the Changi Festive Village, together? Here’s the team that made it happen.

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Jul 2022

What working at Changi Airport’s airside is like

Assigning planes to parking stands , chasing birds away from runways, and ensuring that movement areas are safe for operations – these are all in a day’s work for Airside Duty Officers at Changi Airport.

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Apr 2022

A gem of a job as Jewel’s CEO: The first 100 days

Meet James Fong, the new CEO of Jewel Changi Airport Development, who took on this role in January 2022. He shares how his first 100 days with Jewel has been and what the long game for Jewel is.  

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Jan 2022

From the desk of Jewel’s CEO: Untold stories

Changi Journeys speaks to Hung Jean, CEO of Jewel Changi Airport, as she moves on from her role in January 2022. She reflects on her journey with Jewel over the past 12 years. 

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Jan 2022

How CAG’s scholars embrace challenging rotations to transform travel

As CAG adapts to a changing aviation landscape, it also recognises the importance of building a future-ready workforce. Every year, CAG recruits scholars to build a bench strength of talent within the company. 

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Sep 2021

Sift & Pick: On the hunt for great indie brands worldwide

Sift & Pick, an online marketplace, stands out from the crowd with its concept of curation. 

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Jul 2021

The Fire in Us: The Changi fire fighter’s story

In this exclusive interview with CAG’s Chief of the Airport Emergency Service (AES) and his fire fighters, the three men shared how they keep their passion for fire flighting alive.

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May 2021

How does Changi Airport manage air cargo during the pandemic?

While Covid-19 has decimated the demand for air travel, Changi Airport’s air cargo volumes have been relatively resilient. 

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April 2021

Supporting disability with ability

CAG introduced the ONEChangi CARE Ambassador Training in partnership with Rainbow Centre, imparting skillsets to enable frontliners to better engage visitors and passengers, for a more inclusive Changi Experience.

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March 2021

Keeping our airport community protected

Changi Journeys spoke with two of our frontline colleagues who are required to go through rostered routine testing, and have completed their vaccination regimen, to understand how different things are for them now. 

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January 2021

Meet the guardians at Changi Airport who are always ready

Despite the low number of flights at Changi, the Airport Emergency Service remains vigilant to ensure that every flight lands or takes-off safely. Find out how they handle this critical mission and what keeps them motivated.

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December 2020

Heroines behind the ‘Voices of Changi’ – life under a new normal

With fewer flights, Changi’s team of public broadcast announcers, affectionately known as ‘The Voices of Changi”, continues to contribute in new areas of airport operations. We check in to see how their work has transformed. 

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November 2020

Consulting during the time of Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic may have put a temporary halt to business travel but that has not stopped Changi Airports International (CAI) from continuing to provide its consultancy services to other airports through innovative methods. 

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October 2020

Meet the real heroes in Changi’s new short film “While you were home”

Changi’s new short film “While you were home” showcases the resilience of Singapore tourism workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hear the stories from the real heroes featured.

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September 2020

Virtual shopping, not

Despite the impact on passenger traffic due to Covid-19, Shopping Concierge Valentina Rosa Jayawardhanu continues to serve shoppers online as Changi digitalises its retail business. 

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September 2020

The 'new normal' life of Changi's Trolley Service Officers

With most of the world still unable to travel internationally due to Covid-19, fewer passengers at Changi also means that some of our services, like trolleys, are needed less frequently. Learn what is life like these days for the trolley service officers at Changi.

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July 2020

Adapting to the new normal: Changi’s Duty Terminal Managers

Like many staff at Changi Airport, Duty Terminal Managers have seen their roles evolve in the past few months to cater to the changing needs of passengers. Find out how their roles have taken an unusual turn.

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June 2020

Meet the everyday heroes of Changi Airport

Even as global air traffic has reduced significantly, flights continue to operate at Changi Airport. A core group of airport staff continues to ensure that every passenger and aircraft is well taken care of at Changi, no matter the time of the day.


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May 2020

Tackling COVID-19: Meet Raj and Changi’s Team BCP

Since the start of 2020, a team within the Airport Management Division has been tasked with putting in place protective measures , to minimise the chances of virus transmission, ensuring staff and passenger safety as the airport continues to function. 

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April 2020

Serving at the frontlines of Singapore

As Changi Airport receives overseas residents returning home, the team at SATS Passenger Services continues serving on the frontlines to facilitate passenger touchpoints at Changi. Read more about how the team at SATS contribute in their own ways.

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March 2020

Battling Covid-19: Meet Changi's everyday heroes

In the fight against a new enemy, a group of dedicated individuals inspire us with their selflessness and sense of duty. Learn more about them here.



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February 2020

Lifting the veil to one of Changi's most exclusive passenger services

Established in 2006, JetQuay caters to travellers who prefer facilitated travel arrangements or more privacy. Read about its offerings here.


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January 2020

Unique job at Changi - Art Custodian

Peek into the job of Daniel Foo, Changi’s art custodian, to understand how the art masterpieces in Changi are taken care of.


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January 2020

Getting to know Jewel Changi Airport's fix-it guy

Go behind the scenes with Mohammad Fithri to see what it takes to keep Jewel’s unique attractions ready to welcome guests from all over the world.

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November 2019

Meet Jewel Changi Airport's tree doctor

Certified Arborist, Joey Gan, ensures that every plant in Jewel stays happy and healthy. Click here to learn more about his work.



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May 2019

Introducing Changi's airline partner of the year

Changi Airport Group (CAG) recently organised its annual Changi Airline Awards to recognise the continuous efforts of its partnering airlines. Read on to learn about the  carrier that was awarded Partner of the Year.

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April 2019

Leading Changi's Airport Emergency Service

Changi Airport's Emergency Service (AES) has made significant advancements throughout the past few decades. Find out more about Cletus Majella John Packiam (AES' longest-serving leader) and his role in ensuring the safety of air travel over the years.

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March 2019

Recognising WTS' efforts in transforming Changi's ground transport

Woodlands Transport Service was named CAG's ‘Service Partner of the Year’ during the recent Annual Airport Celebrations. Read on to learn about the company's initiatives in boosting service efficiency.

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February 2019

Empowering Changi's staff to find their true calling

Changi Airport offers a dynamic working environment, enabling staff to plan their desired career paths. Learn more as we speak to two CAG employees who have had their share of diverse experiences within the company.

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January 2019

Winning, by design

Learn about how our Changi Experience Ambassadors designed their own new uniform through a Design Competition.




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