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    A Dynamic Regional Hub

    As Asia Pacific's leading air hub to a total catchment population of 10 million within a 2-hour radius, we are well-placed to help your airline take advantage of the region's growing demand for air travel.

    With partner airlines flying to some 300 cities in about 80 countries and territories worldwide, Singapore has strong connectivity to the Southwest Pacific and Southeast Asia.

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    A Bustling Airport

    Changi has built an unrivalled world-class experience, bringing smiles to the millions of travellers who pass through our airport. Having won more than 600 prestigious awards and accolades for our achievements in customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and service level, your guests will be well taken care of.

    As our traffic grows, we continue to expand our airport infrastructure and develop new, innovate services to provide the best experience for our partners and travellers.

    A Vibrant Business Destination

    Singapore is one of Asia's most dynamic and cosmopolitan economies. Built on a strong rule of law and financial structure, the city attracts businesses from around the world.

    Because of its robust government policies, Singapore is one of the top three easiest places in the world to do business (Doing Business 2019 Report, World Bank). Singapore also consistently outranks the world as one of the cities with the best investment potential, according to the US-based research institute, Business Environment Risk Intelligence.

    A Strong Partnership

    At Changi Airport Group, success begins with strong partnerships. With over 100 airlines operating out of our airport, including those represented in major alliances such as oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam, you will have many opportunities for collaboration with other airlines partners here at Changi.

    Changi Airport offers various incentive schemes to drive passenger traffic and support your airline's network and capacity. A dedicated team at Changi studies trends and aviation industry opportunities to identify growth and marketing opportunities for airline partners.

    Hear what others say

    "Changi has taken steps to keep airport costs competitive, improve efficiency, enhance service levels, and provide a friendly environment for airlines to grow."

    Mr Lee Kuan Yew

    Minister Mentor for Singapore

    "I think the airline industry and Changi Airport are partners in pretty much anything. Whether it's things being rolled out, or simply them wanting to get our feedback on how things they want to implement are going to affect us, there's always very good communication. They have implemented many airline-friendly policies and incentives to help the carrier weather the difficult times over the last few years in order for us to operate in a viable manner. It's really an attitude that Changi Airport has in general that has helped make it into the air hub that it is."

    Mr Laurence Chin

    General Manager
    United Airlines Singapore

    "Changi Airport's proactive approach towards the airline industry demonstrates that airports and airlines can work together to achieve a win-win situation, promoting growth in air travel while ensuring high service standards and competitive pricing at the same time."

    Mr Albert Tjoeng

    Asia Pacific spokesman
    International Air Transport Association

    "With the opening of Terminal 3 and other new schemes and developments, Changi Airport has reinforced Singapore's position as Asia’s premier aviation hub for many more years to come. My colleagues and I in Jet Airways are honoured to be part of Changi Airport’s continual rejuvenation. The Changi Experience is indeed memorable to any traveller. We are very appreciative and grateful to all in Changi Airport for their unwavering support to Jet Airways since we commenced operations in 2005."

    Mr Gerry Oh

    Regional Vice President
    Southeast Asia
    Jet Airways

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    Recognising the vital role that your airline plays in the development of Changi Airport as an air hub, we welcome mutually beneficial partnerships with passenger and cargo airlines interested in operating to—and from—Singapore.

    As the business environment for aviation changes, we constantly strive to help you benefit from opportunities and overcome new challenges. With us, you’ll always feel at home.

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