Forklift Driving Permit Application

Under the CAAS (Changi Airport) By-Laws 2009, all forklift movement on main roadways around Changi Airfreight Centre will require a valid Changi Airport Group Forklift Driving Permit (FDP) in the possession of operator at all times. The Forklift Driving Permit application is not required if: (1) Your forklift is operating outside of Changi Airfreight Centre; and / or (2) Your Forklift is operating only within your warehouse unit and driveways.

Please ensure that the forklift driver possess the following requirements for the application of Forklift Driving Permit:

  • Forklift Operator Certificate from training providers accredited by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)
  • Valid Singapore State Class 3 Driving License
  • Clear Colored Passport Photo (without any watermark)

Company may apply for Forklift Driving Permit on behalf of forklift operator via the FDP e-application form. The FDP is valid for one year and the FDP application fee cost is S$10.90 per annum. Please note that a processing time of up to three weeks will apply upon completion and acknowledgment of payment.

For further enquiries and application of Forklift Driving Permit, please email

For more information on forklift operator training courses from service providers accredited by WSQ, please click here.